Guess Who's Coming to Church? (PDF Download)

Are you prepared to minister to sex offenders in your church while keeping your congregation safe?

Because it's not a matter of if...but when...

As a church leader, you have a biblical responsibility to shepherd all souls, including those who have committed sexual offenses.

But you also must prioritize protecting your flock from harm. Navigating this delicate balance requires wisdom, discernment, and a comprehensive strategy.

Introducing "Guess Who's Coming to Church? Strategies for Ministering to Sex Offenders" - a 60-page downloadable resource that provides invaluable guidance for church leaders facing this complex challenge.


In this comprehensive guide, you'll find:

📖 A biblical foundation for ministering to sex offenders while safeguarding your congregation

 🛡️ Practical policies and procedures to implement a Sex Offender Response Team (SORT) and monitor interactions

 👥 Insights into understanding the treatment and rehabilitation of sex offenders

 📜 Ready-to-use templates, including Offender Covenant Agreements, Chaperone Agreements, and Volunteer Codes of Conduct

 🙏 Step-by-step guidance for developing a Sex Offender Ministry Vision and Mission Statement

 📚 Access to additional resources and support materials in the appendices

Don't let fear or uncertainty paralyze your church's response. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to navigate this sensitive issue with wisdom, compassion, and a firm commitment to safety.

Download "Guess Who's Coming to Church? Strategies for Ministering to Sex Offenders" today and gain the confidence to minister effectively while protecting your congregation.

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