Helping you nurture young lives 

Supporting you with compassionate, evidence-based practices to nurture young lives who have faced trauma. And equipping you to create safe, supportive environments where all children can find understanding and the spirit to thrive!


I'm Dr. Beth Robinson

After dedicating my life to working with children and teens, I found a God-inspired place to prepare others to do the same.

If you're looking for me, you'll find me teaching counseling students at Colorado Christian University, where I cherish their enthusiasm and thought-provoking discussions.

At a time when most people would be considering retirement, I’m praying for another twenty years to teach counseling students at CCU,  and to empower parents and leaders who advocate for and work with our youth.

My work is a true blessing that extends far beyond the classroom walls. This blessing allows me to directly support foster and adoptive children along with their families through the Texas Girls and Boys Ranch.

Over thirty years of being called to work with these incredible young people, God has prepared me for the vital ministry I now have advocating for sex-trafficked young adults at One Voice Home.

Occasionally, you'll even spot me taking the witness stand, where I provide expert testimony advocating for some of the most vulnerable young lives.

My Story

Shaped by an amazing Christian family emphasizing service, I felt a powerful calling to help children facing difficult circumstances from an early age. 

I dreamed of being the old woman who lived in the shoe. She had so many children she didn’t know what to do (not realizing she didn’t provide a safe home). This childhood desire motivated me to become an expert in child development and counseling.

When I began counseling traumatized young lives directly, the profound emotional weight was immense at times.

I felt overwhelmed, yet my resilient upbringing and faith drove me to immerse myself in trauma-informed approaches that empower healing.

This included hands-on experience helping to parent 14 foster and adopted kids myself.

Why I Do It

Every child deserves to see a parent’s or caregiver’s face light up when they enter the room.  If just one more child falls asleep tonight feeling loved and wanted, I will have spent my life pursuing what God called me to do.

I've made it my mission to share the compassionate, evidence-based practices, cultivated over decades, with others devoted to nurturing young lives who have faced trauma.

Whether training caregivers globally, teaching university students, counseling families, providing expert testimony, or writing resources, I aim to equip every person committed to creating safe, supportive environments where all children can find understanding and the spirit to thrive.


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